Why Do My Budgies Fight?

Budgies can sometimes be more independent than other birds, but they share their space well with others. Keep an eye on them and give them plenty of attention so that they do not get restless.

Increasing stress on the birds due to too much fighting can negatively impact their health in the long run.

Establishing Social Authority


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Budgies are famous for living in flocks and deciding social hierarchy with competitions among members. These even happen within the same colonies!

A multiple budgie cage is a breeding ground for squabbling fights. The birds may fight amongst themselves, but it is never too serious.

Territory Fights

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Male budgies tend to be more social with one another and have a lot of friends in the cage, whereas female budgies are more territorial. Females are often good at defending their nesting site from trespassers.

Carefully introducing new birds is crucial. They should be introduced in a separate cage outside with ample time to interact and get comfortable with each other before opening the cages to their companions.

When you’re sure the birds will get along, make sure to increase the size of their new cage so they have plenty of room to move around. Try using separate water dishes and toys so they won’t fight over them.


If there are a lot of male & female budgies in the same cage, fights may break out among birds of the same sex. Males sometimes fight a lot more than females for different nesting spots in the cage, leading to frustration and poor living conditions for all.

Dangerous Fighting Tendencies

Many birds share a cage space and when the two birds find that they cannot get along, it can cause a lot of stress for the other pets. While squawking may take place from time to time, serious fights are something your timid pet should never have to experience.

It is always important to be attentive to your birds and know when something isn’t right. If you notice that your birds are even more emaciated than usual or not eating, it may be because they are sick. If this is the case, you should take action and take care of them!


Budgies may be aggressive for some time after a fight. If you see them pulling out each other’s feathers or biting one another, it is important to be extra vigilant around them when dealing with them after a fight.

You shouldn’t open the cage door, as they might fly out and bite you. Take a minute to speak nicely to them and once you’re able to touch them without being scared, take the bird on your hand

If your budgies get too violent in their cages, it’s best to isolate them while they’re in the cage. However, they’ll often calm down quickly once you let them out.

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