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Patterdale Terrier Dog Breed Facts, Pictures and information

Patterdale Terriers are very popular dogs in the United States. They were born to hunt foxes and rabbits and have a compact, confident, “independent” nature. This dog is from the United Kingdom but has been in America for many years.

All dogs will love a family who spends time with them and provides ample amounts of positive reinforcement when interacting with these dogs. However, if you need to make adjustments, such as ensuring playtime is always offered on an individual basis, then other breeds may be a better choice for your family.

This energetic dog would not be happy in a low-energy home.

Make sure you have a secure fence and backyard for your dog before buying the house. They’re prone to wandering & tracking, especially if you don’t keep them contained well enough. Below is a list of traits and features that Patterdale Terriers share with other dog breeds.

Patterdale Terrier Dog Breed Profiles

Patterdale Terrier
HEIGHT10-15 inches
WEIGHT10-13 pounds
LIFE SPAN10-12 years
TEMPERAMENTwillful outgoing playful
COLORSblackredbrown ,chocolate and liver
PATTERNSbicolorliver and tanblack and tan

Patterdale Terrier History

The Terrier family is a popular and treasured breed. The Patterdale is originally from the village of Patterdale in England, and they are related to the Fell Terrier. The Fell was developed in Northern England, so it would be able to survive harsher climates.

Patterdale Terriers are hardy breeds that are resistant to a variety of weather conditions like storms, heatwaves and snowstorms. That’s why they’re being more widely known as the perfect breed of dog for extreme weather.

Terrier are often bred for their fearless and lively personalities. Sometimes, these dogs are also preferred by farmers because of their ability to hunt rodents and other small animals from burrows. They were originally bred to hunt rats, but now they’re mostly sought-after for their inquisitive nature.

The breed is ancient, but they were first recognized by the United Kennel Dog Club in 1995.

Patterdale Terrier Size

Patterdale Terriers are a type of terrier and should weigh between 11-13 lbs. However, there may be smaller or larger than average for their breed.

Patterdale Terrier Personality

Patterdale’s are known for being big and energetic, with lots of hours of exercise. They will keep you on your toes with their agility and amped up sassiness. They’re perfect for you if you want to get in shape while living an active lifestyle. They are intelligent and a lot of fun to have around the house. Some breeds will be more stubborn than others, so training is absolutely necessary. A short and positive training routine should keep them occupied and focused on their duties from day one.

Early socialization is quite important for your Patterdale Terrier! The sooner you start exposing them to many different people and experiences, the more well-rounded they will grow up to be.

Patterdale terriers are affectionate, lively dogs that like to play, they love kids and make excellent family pets because they can keep up with the kids of all ages. Dogs generally enjoy more passive activities like a game of fetch when they’re waiting for their family to get back from work. They’ll feel content just as long as they’re busy.

Families should not be left alone for long periods of time because they can feel isolated and this creates undesirable, destructive behavior. Having large families is beneficial in combating this.

Patterdale Terrier Health Issues

The Patterdale Terrier has a few common health issues, but most enjoy a long, healthy life. It’s important to follow up with your veterinarian about yearly checkups and vet visits for your dog if you want to keep them happy and healthy.

Some of the more common health problems Patterdale Terriers have include dry skin, lens luxation and inverterbral disc disease.

Food & Diet

Patterdale Terriers are small, active dogs with a predisposition for becoming overweight. If you feed them everyday and limit their treats you should be able to prevent this from happening.

There are many ways to ensure that your pet stays healthy and you know how to make sure your food is high in quality all the time. As well, try thinking about a high-quality food for yourself

Dogs are carnivores and will have different needs throughout their lifespan. They start out as puppies with high caloric demands, eventually acquiring a healthier diet in both the old and the young. Any good veterinarian will be happy to help you with your pup. They’ll have a lot of different information in terms of diet, health, and anything else you’re curious about. Make sure to check with them first before making any drastic changes on your pet’s behalf.


As with all animals, dogs will need regular checkups to detect any health concerns in a timely manner. Your veterinarian can help you take good care of your dog, which will ultimately help them live a long and healthy life.

Proper exercise is important for every single dog, so make sure you’re getting a good amount of it. This includes daily walks plus some activity and play times, but also shorter walks mixed in for variety.

It’s good to just stick to a few walks off the keyboard now and then! A healthy work style can really contribute to weight management.

As most Patterdale’s have floppy ears, it is important to check and clean them regularly to avoid the ear infection risks. This will prevent some problems down the line.

You might notice their ears are red or there’s dark yellow mucus when you take a closer look. These are signs of an infection and, often times, they’ll know to visit the vet before any real damage happens.

Trim your dog’s nails regularly–usually once or twice per month. Don’t let them click against the floor; take them to the vet if they start to become too unmanageable.

When caring for any animal, especially one that’s an emotional pet like a dog or cat, oral care is difficult but necessary. When you start brushing your pup’s teeth early on, it will get them used to this process which will help them avoid dental issues.

Patterdale Terrier Coat Color And Grooming

Patterdale Terriers
Credit: scatrat05

Patterdale Terriers can take on different-colored coats, which are usually smooth, broken, or rough.

While this breed is not an ideal choice for allergy sufferers, their coat is very easy to keep well-kempt. A good brush per week should keep them in tip top shape and the shampooing only occurs when needed. Hides of these dogs have oils in them that are important for helping these dogs tolerate warm environments.

One common issue with short, smooth-coated breeds is that they tend to get dry skin rather easily, which can lead to excessive shedding. Patterdale Terriers are considered lite shedders but too much shedding may occur under stressful conditions.

The Patterdale Terrier is closely related to the Fell Terrier, bred for Northern England weather conditions. It also fights heat & cold and lives indoors with their family

Children And Pets compatibility

Patterdale Terriers are affectionate and friendly by nature. They enjoy playing with other dogs and kids, but they also need to be properly socialized and supervised – with very small children in particular.

Considered the most aggressive terriers by their temperament, Patterdale Terriers do well with other dogs but should not be trusted around small animals, like birds or hamsters. They often prey on smaller creatures in areas including backyards.

Even though dogs are generally docile animals, they may become aggressive if they sense danger. As with every other animal, children should always be taught and supervised when in close proximity to them.

Don’t try to put your child in a situation that could put them in danger, not only is it dangerous for your child but for the dog. No dog should be left unsupervised with a child and it’s forbidden to take their food away.

Frequently Asked Question?

Are Patterdale terriers good pets?

Patterdale terriers are good family pets and usually get along well with children – providing children know how to handle them.

Are Patterdale terriers rare?

Yes. the Patterdale terrier is a relatively rare breed of dog

Are Patterdale terriers cuddly?

Yes. these dogs are very cuddly!

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