Mini Portidoodle

Mini Portidoodle Facts , Characteristics and Pictures

Mini Portidoodles are playful and eager to dominate your life. They’re super-social and love playing with other dogs. They’re usually great at jumping in the pool, playing ball, and participating in any other activity you’re hosting.

Mini Portidoodles are known as an animal that is usually very attached to their humans. They like playing with tricks and being affectionate, but they’re also fun and wonderful with children!

Mini Portidoodle
Mini Portidoodle

Mini Portidoodle pups have been gifted with the loving personality of a Designer Doodle and the intelligence of a Mini Poodle. These adorable little guys are highly sought-after as family pets and bring plenty of joy & laughter into their lucky-to-have-them home.

Characteristics of Mini Portidoodle

  • The Mini Portidoodles (also called mini portipoos or mini portidoo) are awesome dogs that make the perfect pet for just about anyone who loves animals but hates the mess of a dog.
  • The Mini Portidoodle is a hypoallergenic, non-shedding dog. As such, it is a perfect fit for people with pet-related allergies or sensitivities.
  • The Mini Portipoo is a curious and fun breed that is perfect for adventures. You can take them everywhere with you and they are a great companion on your travels.
  • Mini Portidoodle hybrid vigor
  • Entertaining, lively, and sweet the Mini Portidoodle is perfect for play! It can stand both hot and cold weather conditions.
  • Miniature Portidoodles are highly adaptable & comfortable in both small apartments as well as large homes
  • Mini Portipoo puppies are highly intelligent, eager to please, easy to train and for first-time dog owners.
  • Alert & vigilant, the Mini Portidoodle is an efficient watch and alarm dog. It can be trained easily and is an amazing candidate for therapy work.
  • Outgoing, friendly, and highly sociable, the Mini Portidoo is quick to make fast friends with other dogs and other household pets.
  • They are companion pet that can be adopted by anyone. It’s perfect for families with or without children, singles, and seniors.


Mini Portidoodle
Mini Portidoodle

The Mini Portidoodle dogs are the newest members of the Doodle Breed world. A hybrid mix between a Portuguese Water Dog, a Miniature Poodle, and all generations of prior purebred dogs, they first appeared in the United States in just the past few years and are already gaining popularity among pet owners. By mixing two highly popular dog breeds, professional breeders aim to create a hybrid that’ll have all the qualities of both parent breeds. It’ll be hypoallergenic and super intelligent, agile and fun.

This adorable, four-legged designer breed has sweet personalities mixed with a love for attention. They have been found to be not just cute but also very smart and capable of doing many jobs!

As a modern Doodle, the Portidoodle breed doesn’t have much history, so to better understand it, we can take a look at the history of the Portuguese Water Dog and Poodle parent breeds.

The Portuguese Water Dog, also known as the Cao de Agua (dog of water) is a centuries-old breed that originated in Portugal. These remarkable dogs were considered the fisherman’s best friends because they would often be seen on Portuguese fishing ships along ancient fishing banks around Portugal.

Portuguese Water Dogs were specifically trained to be fish hunters, fishing gear retrievers, and messengers. Not only are they great swimmers and love the water, but they have webbed paws that allow for excellent swimming capabilities!

Today, Portuguese Waterdogs are treasured companion pets that provide a sense of security. They originally were bred by sailors to help them focus on fishing and not worry about their safety when out on the water.

The poodle is a fairly popular pedigree among many breeds. The term ‘breeding for looks’ may be the case of overstating, but when it comes to intelligence and personality, this breed has it in spades. The Poodle has been appreciated for their sleek, elegant look and impressive sporting titles. They can hold their own in the company of other dogs & cats and make reliable working companions as well. They are popular in therapy work

Poodles are recognized by the AKC for three different sizes, Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle and Toy Poodle. Whether they’re small or large, they always show their agility, friendliness and keen learning skills that make them a favorite among people.

They are a second most intelligent dog breed in the world and a top-ranked breed in many countries.


The Mini Portidoodle is a small, cuddly-looking hypoallergenic dog that has a happy disposition and positive energy. They are great for kids and have plenty of personalities to fill any home.

Mini Portidoodles are adorable, playful & quite intelligent. They’re very social and make great companions. Unfortunately, they have a few negative health issues that you should also keep an eye out for – eyes sensitive to light

They are incredibly hypoallergenic, shedding less and often coming in colors that look good with white, black, brown, and cream. They also come in various markings including merle and sable. The size can range from 14 to 28 pounds and 10 to 20 inches.


Mini portidoodle
Mini portidoodle

Photo: doggo_daddio

The Mini Portidoodles (Mini Portipoo) are sweet, loyal, and happy dogs that love their family most of all. They are great with kids & other pets (especially furry siblings), docile and with good manners to their fur parents, loyal to the homes they visit, & entertaining for the whole family.

These highly social & playful dogs are active, confident, and always want to be around people. Some of their most endearing qualities include friendliness & a willingness to help out their family at any time. The Mini Portidoodles enjoy playing with people & pets, exciting adventures, canine games, water sports and swimming. They’re descendants of two water-loving dog breeds and love splashing in puddles or swimming.

They’re small enough to travel with, sweet enough to make everyone smile, and love a lot of attention. Mini Portidoodle puppies are undeniably adorable! The Mini Portidoodle puppies are intelligent, well adjusted, and eager to learn everything they can. They pick up new tricks and commands quickly and are quick learners.

Mini Portidoodle
Mini Portidoodle


Mini Portidoodle breeders are rare and only the best of the best can provide the care necessary to raise a healthy and happy pup. A breeder who specializes in raising puppies knows how important it is to provide their pups with a solid foundation, which is exactly what they do.

Premier Pups does so much for the mom and her baby. Providing a safe, natural, comfortable, healthy environment for both is a major way we help out.

Frequently Aksed Questions

What is a Portidoodle?

The cross between a Poodle and a Portuguese Water Dog, the Portidoodles are often referred to as “Portipoos.”

Are Portidoodle hypoallergenic?

Yes. The Mini Portidoodle is a hypoallergenic dog.

Reference: Premierpups

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