Are axolotls nice pets?

Axolotls, or Mexican walking fish, are unique creatures to own as pets. They’re endearing with their big smile and the fact that they can swim underwater too!

Axolotls come in many different colors, including whites, reds, greens, browns and blues. Since these amphibians aren’t really big swimmers they instead usually stay on the bottom of the aquarium.

Temperament and Personality

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There are many reasons people enjoy keeping axolotls as pets but one of the most compelling is how interesting they are to watch. They tend to become more active for audiences and will often put on a show, so it’s like you’re your own pet TV!

They are usually pretty docile when left alone and won’t attack unless they’re attacked first. However, if you place two axolotls in the same tank, it could lead to them fighting and killing one another. They’re not really suitable for living with anyone else, no matter what type of creature it is

Keep axolotls away from other species of fish, as territorial disputes are likely to lead to fighting with severe injuries. As regenerative creatures themselves, they’re unlikely to die in these kind of skirmishes. Yet even small amounts of fighting is damaging for non-aggressive aquatic creatures who might be attacked or eaten by either one.

That’s right, axolots are best kept isolated, in their own tank. They should be the only creatures housed there.

Are axolotls nice pets?


You’ve read a lot about axolotls, but we still have the question “are they good pets?” They are a type of watch-and-observe pet rather than one you can interact and play with. As long as you understand that, they may be a good choice.

Axolotls make wonderful pets. They’re easy to care for and live long in captivity. Watching them is entertaining, too! If you get their water conditions right, then there’s not much to worry about. They’re cheap to feed and can be quite adorable!

Tank Setup for  Axolotls 

Tank Setup for  Axolotls 
Tank setup

The tank that you need to house an axolotl will depend on the type of environment they come from and their individual needs. However, generally, you need a tank with plenty of room for the axolotl to walk, with a bottom covered in sand and ample filtration – even if you want still water and low light.

Axolotls are known for their large amount of waste, so it’s important to change the water completely every week.

They generally stay on the floor of their tank and rarely wander up to the top, so I would recommend sand as a substrate. If you don’t want sand, then aquarium gravel can be a good choice. It’s just pretty dangerous for them since they can easily swallow it.

You’ll need a base or substrate to create a home for your axolotl. You can use plants, logs, rocks and more. Just make sure you leave lots of hiding places for your axolotl so that they feel hidden and safe

Frequently Asked Question

Do axolotls eat humans?

No, Axolotls are harmless to humans. They can’t hurt you in any way that is meaningful.

what do axolotls eat

The axolotl eats small fish, insects, and even other salamanders. They can swallow prey the size of their mouth hole without breaking it down into parts.

Where do axolotls live naturally?

They live in Lake Xochimilco in the Valley of Mexico.

How long does an axolotl live?

The lifespan of axolotl is 10-15 years

How much is an axolotl?

A basic axolotl costs between $30 and $75, but you can get an exotic version like a piebald one for about $100.

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