Why do huskies howl

Why do huskies howl ? Causes of Husky Howling

One of the reasons that husky sounds have been so attractive to me is because they naturally don’t bark like other breeds of dogs. The Huskies howls’ are their main form of communication.

Howling is a main characteristic of huskies and they generally do not growl like other dog breeds. However, they can be very vocal with howling. Howling is a low pitched sound that is more common in huskies than other dog breeds. Besides howling, huskies can do some talking, whining, and rarely barking.

In this Articles, we have described the 5 main causes of Husky Howling.

Dog sitting on the hill on the background of beautiful mountain landscape Why do huskies howl

Quick Answer That causes Husky Howling

  • Ancestry
  • Communication
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Health issues
  • Response to High Pitched Sounds


Ancestry is the main reason for the howling of  huskies. As we know all dogs are descended from  wolves but huskies are very closely related to  them and are considered as their close cousins.  Their coat eye structure and pointed muzzle  give clear hints on how closely they’re related.  Howling is the main primitive  characteristic of wolves  they use howling to send their messages through  a long distance. With their distinguishing howling  sound wolves recognize their pack and can  locate a lost member. So huskies being the  direct descendants of wolves have inherited  their instinct from their wolf ancestors.

 Huskies Howl for Communication

The primary purpose of howling is communication.  It is an effective way of carrying the sound through long distances. Wolves usually howl  to communicate with their pack members  when the wolf gets lost from its pack. He uses howling to alert others about his location.  Other wolves can tell where this sound is  coming from and can identify the location of the pack member since huskies have inherited this instinct from their wolf ancestors . It has become a part of their behavior as huskies are now domesticated. They don’t need howling for communication purposes but they use it as an inherited behavior from their wolves ancestors.

Husky playing with children

Separation Anxiety

Huskies don’t like to be left alone at home. They have been described by the American kennel club as outgoing and are not recommended for busy owners.  Loneliness and boredom result in separation.  Anxiety could also be a reason for their howling.  Huskies are very active and social dogs. They used to live together in a form of packs in a  home environment. Huskies consider their family as a pack.

They naturally expect their owners to give them enough time and affection. If a husky is left alone for longer times it feels abandoned bored and lonely. These feelings trigger a sense of separation in their mind. As a result, they start howling to alert their owners to return. If these anxiety-related problems are not timely dealt with  they can lead to further mental and health issues.

Huskies Howl When they have Health issues

A husky howling is not always for communication purposes but it could be used as a cry of pain. Howling could mean that your husky is sick or have some internal pain that’s causing discomfort.

Normally these howls are different from others in tone and frequency. They are sudden non-triggered howls followed by an abnormal act. If these persist  frequently you need to take your husky to a vet  for a checkup.

Response to High Pitched Sounds

If you’re a husky owner you might have noticed that husky howls whenever it hears the high-pitched sound. The sirens of an ambulance police car and even the sound of tv could trigger them. a husky response to these high-pitched sounds is because of their natural instinct. They confuse these sounds with another husky calling out for help. So usually they return the call with a howl .this  is another fascinating reason for a husky howling.

since almost all dogs whine or cry whenever  they hear a baby crying but huskies express  their feelings through howling. this howling  response to baby crying could be because of  two possible reasons . Huskies are pack dogs they consider babies as part of their pack. they subconsciously feel upset in response to the baby crying and join them in howling. another explanation could be that it’s because of their protective nature.  Huskies consider crying as a sign of discomfort and try to alert you about the situation.

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