Top 10 Things Only Papipoo Owners Understand

Papipoos dog is a cross between the Papillon and Poodle hybrid breeds and they are great pets. They can be loving, active, devoted and intelligent. They will want to join in with all family activities. Papipoos are also known as Papoodles, Papidoodles, and so on. They’re considered “designer dogs,” which means they’re in high demand and find them at shelters or rescues.

Please consider adopting if you’re looking for a new pet! Since adopting often means saving an animal’s life, it is also a great way to save two other lives as well.

Papipoo Papi-poo

Papi-poo is ideal for novice owners

The Papipoo is one of the most adaptable dogs on the planet. They can adjust in any living situation apartment or otherwise they are also considered low maintenance dogs because they don’t need much exercise. But the love and attention from their owners makes them ideal for novice owners families with children and the elderly.

Papi-poo are Prone to separation anxiety 

Because the papipoo is a very loving dog, they want to be with their owners all the time. While this can make them more loyal & loving. It can also make them prone to separation anxiety.

This occurs when dogs are left alone for a long time if this happens they could lose their appetite. They can experience insomnia and may engage in destructive behaviors so if your lifestyle includes traveling for long periods the papipoo may not be for you.

Papipoos are better able to tolerate hot weather than cold

Papipoo puppy

These dolls range within a variety of hair types that are included in their design, as well as both long and curly hair for the papillon. Most Papi poos inherit the silky hair of the papillon with a dash of curl from the poodle. If this is the case these dogs have thinner hair which makes them tolerant of hot weather while their hair can also protect them from the cold to some degree. It may not be enough considering the thinness of their coat when the temperature drops. Give your dog the warmth they need to stay healthy and away from a cold, wet day.

Papipoos are not watchdog

if you’re getting a papi poo to have a watchdog you might want to rethink your choice. These dogs are very friendly and sociable. They don’t have an aggressive bone in their body. Instead of warding off strangers, these dogs are more likely to welcome them with a wagging tail. So don’t expect them to bark and alert you. When they’re strangers at your front door, these dogs will open the door and let them in figuratively.

Papipoos are prone to Injury

Because Papi poos are small dogs they can be prone to injuries especially when they’re playing with children. This is why Papi poo owners recommend pairing these dogs with older kids who can be taught how to respect the dog’s boundaries. These kids can also be taught how to act around the dock and protect themselves to avoid injuring the Papi poo.

Easy to groom

Papi poos

Because of their silky coats these dogs are easier to groom compared to other poodle hybrids. According to most owners brushing their coat twice or thrice a week is enough to prevent their coat from getting matting and tangling. Of course, regular bathing is also important depending on their activity levels.

Papipoos need exercise

Small as these dogs are they still need exercise to retain their healthy bodies according to many owners. They need at least 30 minutes of daily exercise to expend their energy and keep them from getting bored. If this happens your dog may feel dissatisfied and may resort to destructive behaviors such as digging chewing and biting.

They can be mischievous

Despite being gentle and calm, Papi may still have a mischievous side you don’t want him to develop. Do your best to socialize him, train with positive reinforcement, and be firm.

Because of their intelligence, they tend to become independent-minded and take matters into their own hands. If their mischief is condoned they may no longer follow your commands and they will become extremely stubborn. This is why early training is still necessary for Papi poos so they know their boundaries and responsibilities at home.

Papipoos require gentleness and training

Papi poo

Choosing the right training methods will help you keep your pooch happy, healthy, and fit! If you’re looking for a new way to work with your best friends, this might be a solution for you.

They do not respond well to punishment instead of retracting their behavior. They may develop anxiety and fear which could make their negative actions more prevalent. Happy poo owners recommend positive reinforcement in training. These dogs figure out what drives your dog and use it as a reward for every good behavior. This way they are more likely to repeat it.

Papipoos are prone to some illnesses

Last but not least fact you need to know about these dogs is the illnesses. They can inherit from their parents despite being healthy hybrids Papi poos can develop epilepsy, hypothyroidism, Addison’s Disease, patellar luxation, and many more. This is why you need to have a reliable vet on call so they can recommend strategies you can use to offer better care for your dogs There you have it. these are only some of the most exclusive facts that only Papi poo owners understand. I hope these could help you care for your dogs in the future.

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