The Whoodle The Sweetest Best Poodle Hybrid

If you’re here you might be looking for a specific type of dog something hypoallergenic smart and loyal .what if i told you that our dog of the day has even more to offer asides from these traits. The whoodle is an energetic and active poodle hybrid what’s more is that they’re the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. Do you think you’re a good match for this dog? let’s find out more.

History of Whoodle Dog

The Whoodle The Sweetest Poodle Hybrid

The whoodle is a combination of the soft-coated Wheaton terrier and the poodle. The first recorded offspring of these two breeds date back to the mid-1900s when breeders wanted to create a naturally intelligent and sweet dog that also possessed the hypoallergenic nature of the poodle to their surprise. The whoodle inherited more traits than they expected.

Whoodle Dog Size

Most whoodles weigh around 20 to 45 pounds and range from 12 to 20 inches in height. If the poodle parent is smaller expect their offspring to be smaller below 10 inches in height but if the poodle parent is larger or standard in size the whoodle could grow to at least 17 inches.

Whoodle Dog Personality

Also known as the wheaton doodle the wheat and poo the sweetened doodle and the sweetened poo these dogs are highly enthusiastic ,intelligent and affectionate they love to play and be surrounded by toys what’s more these dogs love hanging out

with their humans so if you love spending time with your dogs this could be the perfect dog for you another unique trait of these dogs is that they’re highly active they love to go on jogs and walks whether it’s on the beach in the woods or in the park if you were

to get one you’ll want to exercise daily because of the whoodle’s active nature wouldn’t it be amazing if you created a healthier lifestyle with your dog what’s more you can bring these dogs on your adventures and be happy together.

Pet compatibility

It comes to pet compatibility the whoodle is rated three out of five while they can be welcoming to other animals. They can easily get agitated and irritated by rowdy behavior if this happens the whoodle could snap or growl at other dogs especially when it’s not in the mood. So before you let your dogs play together it’s important to introduce them properly first. let the whoodle get used to their personalities this way the whoodle is less likely to get agitated by their playmates.

Whoodle Dog Temperament 

It’s no surprise that the whoodle inherited the intelligent nature of the poodle and the resilience and independent-mindedness of the soft-coated wheat interior. While these are good traits. They could take it too far and outsmart their masters. without discipline and training they could regard themselves as the bosses of the household. You can imagine how this might go whoodles can easily become picky eaters display dominating behavior and show aggression towards their masters. This is why you need to show them your authority and make them realize that you are the boss.

Family life

Whoodles are very smart and trainable because of their active nature. They’re curious and eager about things and activities. If you were to own one you need to utilize these traits to help them reach their full potential in the family .It’s important to involve them in various family activities. Teach them basic tasks such as fetching objects and reward them for their good behavior. I’m sure this will mean the world to these dogs and they’ll be driven to display more positive behaviors.

 Children compatibility

In terms of compatibility with children whoodles are rated four out of five. These dogs make outstanding playmates and babysitters for older children. If you have a yard let them play and keep an eye on each other. You’ll be surprised how easily they’ll bond with each other. However before you leave them alone together make sure you socialize your kids with the dog. It’s also important to instruct your kids on the proper way of handling a dog.

While the whoodle can be very patient . They could get agitated if they got hurt. Remind your children never to tug on their ears tail or hair. Also don’t startle or disturb the dog when they’re eating or sleeping. They could easily get irritated and become aggressive.

Owning a whoodle

The Whoodle The Sweetest Poodle Hybrid
PIc Credit: Animalcorner

The whoodle is a naturally healthy dog however it’s still prone to some health issues such as eye infections kidney issues Addison’s disease and retinal atrophy. This is why it’s important to consult your vet regularly. They can advise you on the best foods and pet supplies

You can get for your dog in terms of feeding. The whoodle diet should be formulated for a medium-sized breed make sure you give them every nutrient. They need asides from their dog food give them fruits meats and veggies. Since the whoodle is energetic these dogs are going to need a complete meal to keep their energy up.

Of course you also need to remember to bathe them as needed. They could get dirty while playing outside so you need to make sure they don’t bring in any pests with them. Bathing them will also eliminate tangles and matting in their fur which could lead to discomfort while grooming.

Always clean their ears to prevent ear mites and trim their nails to prevent painful protrusions other than that caring for a woodland should be relatively easy. There you have it. This is only some of the most vital information that you need to know about caring for a whoodle. Do you think your personalities match ? and do you think you can care for them? If so there’s no stopping you from getting one of the sweetest and most energetic poodle hybrids.

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