Most popular Spanish Cat Names

100+ Most popular Spanish Cat Names

Spanish cat names are really awesome and make a perfect pick for someone looking for the perfect name for their new pet. You will love how versatile these names can be and how they come from numerous different language backgrounds.

Finding a good Spanish name for your beloved feline pet can be difficult and as there are not many online sources. Luckily, we compiled this list of male & female Spanish cat names for you to choose from.

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Male Spanish Cat Names with their meaning

  • Alfonso (noble)
  • Allegro (music)
  • Amado (loved)
  • Amante (Lover)
  • Bigotes (whiskers)
  • Bueno (good)
  • Caliente (hot)
  • Carlito (young Charles)
  • Cazador (hunter)
  • Cerveza (beer)
  • Chico (boy)
  • Cielo (sky or heaven)
  • Corto (short)
  • Dulce (sweet)
  • Esponjoso (fluffy)
  • Feliz (Happy)
  • Feroz (Fierce)
  • Fuerte (strong)
  • Gato (male cat)
  • Gordo (fat)
  • Hermoso (beautiful)
  • Hermoso (handsome)
  • Joven (young)
  • Leonor (bright)
  • Lindo (pretty)
  • Lión (lion)
  • Lobo (wolf)
  • Loco (crazy)
  • Lupe (wolf)
  • Luz (light)
  • Nacho
  • Niño (little boy)
  • Noche (night)
  • Oro (gold)
  • Oso (bear)
  • Peludo (furry)
  • Pequeño (small)
  • Reyes (kings)
  • Rico (rich)
  • Rio (river)
  • Ronroneo (purr)
  • Sanche (blessed one)
  • Segundo (second)
  • Seguro (safe)
  • Sierra (mountains)
  • Silvi (from the woods)
  • Sombra (shadow)
  • Suave (soft)
  • Tequila
  • Tiburon (shark)
  • Tierra (earth)
  • Tigre (tiger)
  • Tipo (Kind)
  • Valiente (brave)
  • Vivo (alive)

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Female Spanish cat names with their meanings

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  • Aconcia (comets)
  • Alegría (joy)
  • Alta (high or tall)
  • Amata (loved)
  • Amor (love)
  • Angel (angel)
  • Baja (short woman)
  • Baya (berry)
  • Belita (beautiful)
  • Biele (dance)
  • Blanca (white)
  • Bonita (pretty woman)
  • Bricia (variant of Brigid)
  • Brisa (breeze)
  • Buena (good)
  • Candela (candle)
  • Carmelita (little garden)
  • Cascada (waterfall)
  • Corazón (heart)
  • Dia (day)
  • Dulcea (sweet)
  • Eriella (lioness)
  • Esabella (devoted to God)
  • Estrella (star)
  • Fantasia (fantasy)
  • Faustina (lucky woman)
  • Felicidad (lucky)
  • Felipa (A woman who is friendly with horses)
  • Felisa (lucky and successful)
  • Flor (flower)
  • Florita (flower or blossom)
  • Gata (female cat)
  • Gitana (gypsy, or wanderer)
  • Grecia (graceful)
  • Hermosa (beautiful)
  • Hija (daughter)
  • Jacinda or Jacinta (hyacinth flower)
  • Juanita (feminine form of Juan or John)
  • Latoya (victorious)
  • Lavada (pure)
  • Leonora (bright)
  • Leya (Loyalty)
  • Lindo (lovely)
  • Lluvia (rain)
  • Lora (like the laurel)
  • Lucita (little light)
  • Luza (light)
  • Madra (mother)
  • Maite (lady of the house)
  • Margarita (a delicious drink, a daisy flower)
  • Maria (mother of Jesus)
  • Mariposa (like a butterfly)
  • Montaña (mountain)
  • Niebla (fog)
  • Nieve (snow)
  • Niña (little girl)
  • Osa (female bear)
  • Paloma (dove)
  • Perla (pearl)
  • Playa (beach)
  • Reina (queen)
  • Rosita (Little rose)
  • Safira (sapphire)
  • Salsa (a dance)
  • Santina (little saint)
  • Selena (Moon goddess)
  • Selva (jungle)

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Cute Male Cat Spanish Names

Who doesn’t like a cute name for their kitty? But that doesn’t mean you need to call it something really cutesy like ‘Whiskers’. Instead, you can give any traditionally cute pet name a twist with some Spanish alternatives. Take a look at these!

  • Vivo-alive
  • Paquito- free man
  • Oslo-meadow
  • Loco-crazy
  • Hermoso- beautiful
  • Gustavo- staff of Geats
  • Gato- cat
  • Gaspar- treasure
  • Dulce- sweet
  • Cielo- heaven
  • Churro- fritter
  • Chico- boy
  • Cazador- hunter
  • Bigotes- whiskers
  • Aldo-elder

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Cute Spanish Cat Names for Females

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Unique cat names for girls can be really hard to find. A great source of cute cat names might be one in Spanish. You would not only have the perfect name for your kitty but you’d also have the chance to learn new words!

  • Zelia-ardent
  • Vida-life
  • Selva-jungle
  • Playa-beach
  • Neva-snow
  • Margarita- cluster of blossoms
  • Lita-gladly
  • Lela-black beauty
  • Grecia-graceful
  • Giselle- beautiful like the stars
  • Frida-peace
  • Felisa- lucky
  • Fantasia- fantasy
  • Emelda- battle
  • Chica- girl
  • Brisa- breeze
  • Baya-berry

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Spanish cat names are a great choice for those who want a name that is uncommon, yet has Spanish origins.

Need help coming up with a good Spanish cat name? Let us know below!

Did you know? You can suggest your own cat Spanish name to us as well. Did you have any brilliant ideas for other names? Share them below and we’ll get back to you! Our goal is to create the best list possible, so please don’t hesitate to send us all the feedback & encouragement you can.

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