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Schnoodle: The new cool dog breed

A Schnoodle is a new dog breed that is created by crossing a Schnauzer with a Poodle. It is one of the most popular breeds in the US and has been growing in popularity since its inception.

Schnoodles are typically taller and have longer legs than other dogs. They have large ears, which can be cropped or left natural. They also have a long, curled tail that can be docked or left uncropped.

Schnoodles are one of the best breeds for people who live in colder climates because they are hardy and don’t need much exercise to stay healthy. They also make great companions for families with children because they like to play and interact with them.

Schnoodle Origin

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Unlike other breeds, Schnoodle was developed recently in 1980. As people were impressed by the intelligence of the poodles and wanted to have a breed with the same quality. As a poodle, they wanted a new breed with minimal shedding and hypoallergenic. Some of the people liked the stubbornness of schnauzer and some liked the genetics of the poodles. So the breeder thought of mixing these breeds to produce something that would be loved by both parties. Current day Schnoodles have all the qualities of a good guard dog which come from the schnauzer.

Schnoodle Personality

Cute black domestic schnoodle dog

Schnoodles are mixed breeds of schnauzers and poodles. So they carry both the traits of their parent breed. They have a loyal and protective nature of schnauzers while the loving and gentle nature of a poodle. They love to be the center of attention which means they make a very good family dog.

They love to be in their owner’s lap all the time and they make a very strong bond with the family members which means that they can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone .they love to play with the children and are very gentle with them. They have the instinct to protect their loved ones and can be noisy sometimes and they will surely alert you in the presence of an invader.

 Schnoodle Appearance 

The coat of a Schnoodle is also a mixture of a schnauzer and a poodle. It is rough and wiry. Soft and curled. Sometimes it can be the matted type. The color of the coat is grey-black apricot and white. they are fine bone dogs they have a medium-sized leg with a proportion to the body. They generally have a brown-colored nose with small and round black eyes.

Schnoodle’s coat is considered hypoallergenic and it hardly sheds but still, they need grooming. Their hairs grow rapidly and it needs to be brushed daily as they are capable of forming matting. the Schnoodle can grow up to 10 to 12 inches which are 25 to 30 centimeters and weigh up to 13 to 26 pounds which is 6 to 12 kilograms.


Intelligent dogs are great for training, and Schnoodles are one of the most intelligent breeds. They’re also very easy to train, having the patience to learn new skills that take time at first. They are a bit mischievous too. So enrolling them in early puppy training would be a better option. as they can learn the tricks very early. They’re capable of learning every skill very easily if taught with positive reinforcement.

So just make sure you are encouraging them while training. Never use harsh words as they are sensitive and can trouble you if they get bored. They can be very noisy sometimes so you should teach them to behave from an early age as they sometimes get overexcited. Reward them praise them when they behave properly and they will get encouraged.

Time investment

Schnoodles are a very active and energetic breed. So they require a lot of exercise. This breed is very intelligent and can become bored if not challenged. So just make sure they are getting at least an hour of exercise and daily walks which could include running behind you .Following your bicycle , fetching a stick and retrieving a ball.

Schnoodles love to play. Exercising is good for their mental health as well. Schnoodles have a soft and long coat that needs to be taken care of. As if they are not brushed daily they can form mats .just make sure you are brushing their hair daily and they require a bath once a week and also check their ears nose and eyes infections.

Best home

Schnoodles are well suited for families with kids as they are very gentle and loving dogs and they love being around children. As they are both energetic and make very good companions. They love the attention that they get from the kids and they can play until they are worn out. They are very nice with other pets but one needs to keep an eye as they are mischievous too and can cause some trouble. They get along with strangers as well and behave nicely when around old people. they have a high level of energy so they are generally well suited for the house with a lawn as they need an open space to showcase their energy level.

 Schnoodle Health Issues

Schnoodles are generally considered a healthy breed as they have very healthy parents but you should always ask about the health of their parents before buying from a breeder. Despite being healthy they are prone to a number of diseases which include Addison’s disease , progressive retinal atrophy, and patellar luxation. To keep your dog in a healthy condition just make sure they are getting a good amount of exercise for at least an hour. Don’t make him run or play more than he is capable. Otherwise, it can also, cause a big problem.

Always consult a veterinarian about his diet before buying dog food. regular checkups are a must. The Schnoodle’s life expectancy generally ranges anywhere from 10 to 14 years.

Schnoodle Cost

The average price for a Schnoodle puppy will be somewhere around 600$. If you are looking for a specific look or a puppy with the highest quality and even show the quality you can budget anywhere between 1800$ and 6600$ .there is some additional cost associated if you want to own this breed which includes regular medical checkup, dog food, dog toys and other costs which can easily range from 300$ to 400$ a month.

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