longhaired dalmatian

Long Haired Dalmatian: Information ,Facts and Pictures

Many of the dogs you’ve seen probably have short coats, but there are still Long Haired Dalmatians that exist. They have been around since the breed first came about.

For many years, breeders purposely bred short coat dalmatians in an effort to avoid breeding long coat Dalmatians. Today, dog lovers recognize the beauty of these attractive dalmatians.

Long Haired Dalmatian Dog Profiles-Quick Facts

Long Haired Dalmatian
Long Haired Dalmatian

photo: dalmatian_of_gingerbreadvalley

Weight45-70 pounds
Height19-24 inches
Coat colorWhite
ColorsBlack and liver brown, Lemon, brindle, blue, tri-color
Temperamentfriendly, loyal, gentle and protective
Suited forfamilies, children 

What is Long Haired Dalmatian ?

longhaired dalmatian
long-haired Dalmatian

photo: mae.the.longhaired.dal

Whether you’re talking about the long-haired Dalmatian or the short-coat version, they’re known as a breed variety of the short-coat and are also referred to as “long coat” (LC) Dalmatian. This creates a unique experience for dog owners.

When two Dalmatians with an LC recessive gene breed together, there’s a possibility they will produce a litter with long coat puppies. It’s believed the long-coated phenotype was once normal and that LC Dalmatians had a 50-50 distribution with the short coat variety.

Long Long Haired Dalmatian’s Appearance

Like a regular Dalmatian, Long Haired Dalmatian comes in the same size range and has the same average height. It also shares the temperaments of a standard Dalmatian, including being friendly and energetic.

Long-haired Dalmatians are furrier and their hair is more pronounced. Their coat is longer, thicker, and softer than a standard Dalmatian’s.

Long Long Haired Dalmatian’s coat and coat colors

longhaired dalmatian
longhaired dalmatian

Long-haired dalmatian coats are available in every color combination you can find. Black-spotted and liver colors are the most common by far, with black being more popular than others.

Besides the standard colors, you can also find brindle, tricolor, blue, and lemon Long Haired Dalmatian. The Long Haired lemon Dalmatian is a rare coat mutation that occurs because of its genetic heritage.

Of the colors listed, the only one that has official recognition is black. Not blue, brindle, lemon, or tricolor as they are all considered “ground for rejection.” The coat color on a Dalmatian should be up to you as long coats can be commonplace.

long haired Dalmatian’s Lifespan

Long-haired Dalmatians typically have an average lifespan of 10 to 13 years, which is highly dependent on factors such as diet & exercise, family history, etc. If you provide care to your dog with a genetic health disorder, they may stick around longer than dogs without a specific disease.


long haired Dalmatians shed because they are not hypoallergenic. They may even get coarse coats from time to time and will shed their hair all over your house (and possibly yours). To avoid these symptoms & minimize the possibility of an allergic reaction, you should brush your dog’s coat frequently & give them a bath. We recommend using your lawn for brushing, using a rubber curry brush, or a fine bristle brush.

Regular brushing removes their dead hair, prevents tangles, and helps reduce allergic reactions.

Long Haired Dalmatian’s Temperament / Behavior

Unsurprisingly, Dalmatians are believed to show no aggression and be affectionate towards family and kids. They are easily socialized, which makes them easy pet to live with! They can also get along with other pets and friendly strangers.

Apartment-dwellers should not be getting dogs primarily for their behavior: these are often high-energy dogs that don’t make much sense to keep indoors.

Food and diet

Depending on a long-haired Dalmatian’s age, size, health conditions, and physical activity (1.5 – 2 cups of high-quality food is enough). Because they have a habit of urinating more than usual, their diet shouldn’t consist of high protein levels. In addition, they should be able to access fresh water freely.

Dalmatians should get the opportunity to urinate often to keep their urinary system properly flushed. Don’t feed your cats with processed human food, or cat foods that are made out of stale ingredients. It can cause many health concerns, such as food poisoning, gastroenteritis (loose stool), stomach upsets (cramps), vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite.


longhaired dalmatian
longhaired dalmatian

Long haired Dalmatians are dogs that typically get three hours of rigorous exercise daily. They have an active, energetic body and high muscle activity.

Long haired Dalmatians are athletic dogs who usually run well and spend most of their time outdoors. They are typically low-impact so working with them on your jogs or trail hikes can be a great way to help you both stay in shape. They’ll also give you plenty of energy to keep up with them! If your dog doesn’t get a walk-in, it may develop behaviors like barking at nothing and knocking over things.

Long-haired Dalmatian Health Issues 

The long haired Dalmatian is one of the healthiest dog breeds, but like every breed, it has its propensity for certain health issues.

Long haired Dalmatian dogs suffer from a range of health conditions that may necessitate early care and consideration. They can enjoy many healthy years if you do what you need to to make sure your dog is taken care of. Some health issues are hearing difficulties, cardiac issues, muscular weakness, especially in senior dogs, dental and eye disorders, elbows & hips dysplasia.


Long-haired Dalmatian are known for their intelligence and trainability. They can easily be trained for obedience, socialization, agility sports, and other tricks like rolling over to name a few. They are also known for their hunting skills.

longhaired dalmatian
longhaired dalmatian

photo: adventure_longhaireddal

Frequently Asked Question

How much does a long haired Dalmatian cost?

Long Haired Dalmatians are relatively easy to find at as low as $600.

Are long haired Dalmatians hypoallergenic?

They are not hypoallergenic.

what is the lifespan of Long-haired Dalmatians ?

Long-haired Dalmatians typically have an average lifespan of 10 to 13 years.

Do Long Haired Dalmatians shed?

Dals are less likely to shed heavily than the standard Dal, but on average it is true that dogs with long coats shed more than short-coated Dals.

Are Long Long Haired Dalmatians aggressive?

Long Haired Dalmatians may seem aggressive sometimes, but they’re actually gentle & loving! They just don’t have a lot of pent-up energy and sometimes can come across as a bit timid or even afraid.

Are long coat Dalmatians purebred?

The Long Haired Dalmatian topic is highly controversial and people are split down the middle on whether they’re as pure as the short coat Dalmatians. Some of them may agree and others might not, but what’s most important is that you make your decision based on what you believe in.

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