10 Facts about the Lhasapoo A mixed breed dog

Many people believe that smaller dogs aren’t as trainable as working dogs such as labradors or Dobermans. However, breeders observed the potential of some small designer hybrids like the Lhasapoo a cross between the Lhasa Apso and the Poodle. This dog is one of the most famous designer hybrids because of its intelligence trainability and sociability. Some people even say that these dogs are the complete package and with good reason, these dogs are examples of amazing companion dogs that possess all the best traits of their parents. Are you eager to learn more about them? let’s look at 10 facts you need to know about the Lhasapoo.

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There was a time in the late 1900s when people were crazy about combining poodles with other breeds such as labradors, golden retrievers, saint bernards, Shih Tzus, and of course the Lhasa Apso.

People were concerned about the rise in allergies brought on by the increasing amount of dogs and wanted to create hypoallergenic versions of these parent breeds so that those with allergies would have an option that they could enjoy. Thankfully they succeeded and created some of the most outstanding companion dogs we have today.

Lhasapoos are a small hybrid

Lhasapoo puppy
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These small dogs are known for their small stature. They only stand from 9 to 13 inches tall and weigh only 10 to 15 pounds.

Many people love traveling with their dogs. Dogs are portable and tend to be pretty easy to conceal! You can take them to the mall to the beach to the mountains and much more what a better way to enjoy your adventures than with a happy and affectionate companion.

Lhasapoos can be sensitive

With a little bit of Lhasapoo’s parent’s behavior in them, it may be hard for them to ignore or avoid when people or other dogs are agitating them to react.

For example, Lhasa Apso can display their sensitivity when children start to play rough with them seeing how small they are you can’t blame them for being cautious. especially if there’s a chance of them getting hurt. When they see rowdy children they might leave or stay in one corner and when they get irritated or provoked by others they might display aggression. This is

why it’s important to teach your children how to handle dogs properly while most they can still display aggression. especially when they get hurt.

Lhasapoos have soft coats

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Another reason that people love their Lhasapoo is the soft coat that they inherit from the Lhasa Apso and the straight coat of a poodle. However, this is not without maintenance as the owner. It’s your duty to groom your dog accordingly.

It’s important that these dogs are brushed every few days. Bathing them regularly with shampoos that contain mild and hypoallergenic ingredients is a good way to reduce matting and dirt. Make sure to consult your vet for the best products for your pooch

 Lhasapoos have hypoallergenic coats

Lhasapoos are considered the perfect dog for allergy sufferers, and also those with asthma or other breathing issues because of their hypoallergenic coats. Parents of children with allergies often choose these dogs to prevent any possible allergic reactions.

They are moderately active

Despite what people think, Lhasapoo do not need a lot of activity. They are a calm and relaxed breed who are happy just relaxing and cuddling with their human, unlike the high-energy breeder dogs like Pitbulls and labradors.

This makes them ideal for novice owners older individuals and busy bees all they need is around 15 to 30 minutes of playing outdoors. if it’s not possible for the day you can give them toys to play with indoors. So that they can expend their energy and avoid getting bored.

Lhasapoos are adaptable

Lhasapoo dogs are small and love these types of environments. They can live in your apartment or in a house with a backyard. What matters most is providing them the essentials they need- food, shelter, love, and exercise! However, if you’re planning to have a Lhasapoo inside an apartment expect that they can be vocal and barky at times but don’t fret you can eliminate this behavior through training and positive reinforcement with patients you’ll observe positive results.

Lhasapoos can be stubborn

The Lhasapoo is easy to train, but they can be a bit stubborn, especially when not in the mood. Make the best efforts you can before training them and do your best to keep up with their needs and desires.

If it’s scheduled, remember to reward & praise your dog and also never let them break their routine. If you do anything that may affect any amount of progress, they might start to think you’re easily swayed and not listen anymore.

 Lhasapoos are Velcro Dog

When adopting a Lhasapoo, you will find another thing that you need to know about these dogs is their sociable nature. They are very clingy to their loved ones and they love to be involved in activities.

There are many ways you can use the dog’s desire to please you as positive reinforcement. You could teach your dog some tricks, for instance. Or even better, take advantage of the fact that they want to learn more and ask them to do things like jumping through a hoop or playing with a toy.

Lhasapoos can inherit some of the illnesses of their parents

One of the primary reasons people wanted to create hybrids was to reduce their chances of inheriting the illnesses their parents had. Unfortunately, this was not always successful because some dogs can still develop these diseases when not properly cared for due to the Lhasapoo.

They are prone to hip dysplasia, cherry eye, patellar luxation, epilepsy, cataracts Cushing’s disease, and renal issues. To ensure that necessary care is provided to your dog, you should consult with your vet regularly. They can recommend strategies for nutrition, training, and day-to-day care.

Frequently Asked Question

Is a Lhasapoo a good dog?

The Lhasapoo is an excellent companion animal that’s great for both families or single people. They’re gentle, loyal and energetic.

How much does a Lhasapoo cost?

The price between $500 and $1,200

Are Lhasapoo hypoallergenic?


What is the lifespan of a Lhasapoo?

Its life span is 12- 14 years.

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