The Goberian: The Mixed Breed Dog And It’s Fact

The Goberian is a mix of two breeds – the Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky. These dogs are social, energetic, and smart. They inherit some of their best qualities from each of their parents.

These Mixed breeds make for great family dogs because they are great companions and have a tender temperament. They also enjoy human contact and make an excellent friend to your loved ones. The devoted mixed breed is a loyal companion who will definitely love you and your family as their best friend.”

Goberian Dog Profile-Quick Facts

Goberian dog Profile
Height 20-24 inches
Weight45-80 lbs
Lifespan10-15 years
Suitable for  Singles and families with children
Temperament  Very Smart and Friendly, social , eager to please, active dog
BreedGolden Retriever and Siberian Husky

Goberian Origin and History

Of course, there could have been natural mixes between the Siberian husky and golden retriever for a long time but it was not until recently when these two Ideally this mix should combine the big strength, energy, and independence of Siberian husky with intelligence, eager to please and docile temperament of a golden retriever.

Goberian has its origins in the Chukchi indigenous tribe in Russia. The Goberian is an appealing, designer dog breed that often ends up in shelters. Consider adding one to your home if you’re interested. But remember to contact rescue groups and shelters first!

Goberian Size

Most Goberians are described as large-sized dogs who can weigh in at 45 to 90 pounds and measure from 20 to 24 inches in height.

Goberian Life Expectancy

On average, they live for 10 – 15 years.


The Goberian breed is known for being social and friendly with people around them. They want to be around, so they are best kept in a family . If you’re searching for a watchdog, that is loyal and very alert then Goberian is best choice .So it will let you know when strangers approach. Goberians love the outdoors, and their dogs are no exception! They need to be able to hike up steep trails, run during jogs, and spend time at a dog park for extended sessions. All of these activities will require use of outdoor space.

You might have a lot of responsibilities, obligations and high-pressure situations at work but you can’t let your dog be a distraction. You might feel like you’re struggling to keep up with them!

They are known for being smart, but if your dog begins to show signs of stubbornness & independence, you might be getting a more stubborn and independent dog than you were expecting. You will be so happy you got this dog! The unbelievably sweet temperament and the unconditional love that it provides for its owner is worth your wait.

Goberian Health Issues

Goberian is a breed of dogs that are considered to be healthy. They have a life expectancy of 12-15 years and have no known genetic health problems.

However, like all breeds, there are some health issues that can occur with Goberians. Some of the more common health problems include bloat, epilepsy, and heart issues.

How to take Care of Goberian?


You should keep your dog in good shape by regularly visiting the vet. Your vet can help you develop a care routine that will keep your dog healthy and happy. It is important to follow their recommendations as they’ve undoubtedly seen what works best for other dogs.

It’s important to monitor your dog’s meals in order for them to stay healthy. Be aware that a smaller food bowl will trigger their natural instinct to hunt for food and then take their small meals at a later time. You should also make sure they are getting enough exercise which is essential for healthy activity.

Make sure to brush your little Goberian’s teeth three times a week to lessen the likelihood of dental issues. Once a week, wipe down his or her ears for mosquitoes, parasites and other bacteria to stave off any potential infections.

This dog is an active type of dog, so if you’re looking to ensure their paws stay healthy, be sure to check them periodically and ask your vet for updated recommendations on how often they should visit the vet.


Goberians are not large breed dogs, so they should follow a diet that is formulated specifically for them. Too much food can cause weight gain–especially if it’s not accompanied by high levels of exercise.

The needs of dogs are constantly evolving and animals need plenty of different resources to be healthy and happy. The diet formulated for Goberian puppies should shift as they grow older and their needs adjust accordingly.

As it’s been said, dogs are individual animals. There are many different factors that can affect which diet they need, including weight, energy levels & health. Asking your veterinarian for recommendations will help you find the best solution for your furry friend.


This breed’s coat is long and dense. Brushing regularly helps keep the fur smooth & clean. Their shedding is minimal–just what you want from a pet-only companion.

They need to be able to stay outside so that they are safe. They also tend to be dirty, which will make them even more uncomfortable if they get in the bath after being outdoors all day. This breed of dog is ideal for cold climates! They have lots of insulation, so their coat is great for keeping them warm. Unfortunately, they don’t do well in hot environments and will need to drink a lot of water in the summer!

Children and other pets

The Goberian is a mixed breed and is great with kids and in your home. Teaching kids to act respectfully around this dog will help create a healthy relationship that everyone enjoys.

They can enjoy playing games or exercising together in the family’s yard or at a park–just make sure they are supervised due to Goberian’s athletic abilities.

They make solid companions with other animals. As long as you’re cautious you should have no problems with introducing new friends together.

They gain much from early socialization. As with all dogs, they need praise and rewards for good behavior to improve the relationship between you and your canine friend! Instead of yelling or scolding, use positive reinforcement.

Goberian puppy

Goberian puppy

Frequently Asked Question

Are Goberian good dogs?

Yes .They are good family dogs and very friendly.

How much does a Goberians puppy cost?

The price of Goberian puppy price range from $250 – 1500

Are They hypoallergenic?

No. They are not hypoallergenic.

Are they Aggressive?

No. They are not aggressivve.

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