German Sheprador Dog Breed

German Sheprador Dog Breed Facts, Information and Pictures

A German Sheprador is a cross breed dog which was bred from the German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever. These lively dogs have inherited some of the best qualities from both parents, such as their energy and loyalty. The German Sheprador is also known as Labrashepherd.

German Shepherds are not for novice dog owners, but if you’re looking for a watchful and loving companion, come to us! Big homes with yards are an ideal environment. However, even without one, you can still find success.

As loving as they are, Shepradors still need regular human interaction. They love chasing after other dogs, visiting children and adults alike – as long as they approach them in a friendly manner. Their barking will alert you to the presence of strangers.

Discover what you need to know about the German Sheprador below.

German Sheprador Dog Breed Profiles – Quick Facts

German Sheprador Dog Breed

photo: go_ammo_go

Height20-27 inches
Weight60-85 lb
Best Suited For
apartment , families with children and other pets,
Lifespan10-12 years
Groupnot applicable
Temperamentplayful, Affectionate, energetic
Comparable BreedsLabrador Retriever, German Shepherd

German Sheprador’s History

German Sheprador is a designer dog that was created recently by mixing German Shepherds and Labradors, in the 1990s , in North America,

Breeders wanted to create a mixed breed that would grow to be a good family companion dog, providing a watchdog for your property. This breed of dogs was able to reduce health problems that arise in many purebreds as well as combine the best traits from both parent breeds. Demand for these pups has grown steadily as people realize their benefits.

German Sheprador is recognized by Dog Registry of America, Inc. and the International Designer Canine Registry.

German Sheprador’s Size

The German Sheprador is a relatively new mix between German Shepherd and Labrador parents, so there aren’t many size guidelines available just yet.

They range in weight from 60lbs.- 95lbs. and in height ranging from 20 inches – 27 inches at the shoulder, but many come in different sizes and weights.


The German Sheprador is inclined to suffer from hip dysplasia, so it’s important to make sure he gets adequate exercise. They require both active playtime and one-hour walks twice a day, which will keep them at their ideal weight.

Dogs need regular exercise to avoid depression and boredom. Owners will want a home that has a yard to play in so that their dog can stay active all year long.

The German Sheprador is a great everyday friend for any runner or jogger. In addition to sharing your love of keeping fit, he is always wet & ready to go for a swim. His even-tempered personality will ensure you and him get along in perfect harmony.


German Sheprador

photo: katie_and_the_bandit

German Shepradors are a combination of two intelligent breeds, the German Shepard and the Labrador Retriever. Like the German Shepard, they have an eager-to-please personality which makes them obedient & easy to train. They will listen to your commands with few repeats.

Socializing early is recommended for all dog breeds, including this one. If done properly, the training process will be more positive and leisurely with patience & rewards as opposed to doing it fast.

If you follow through with the instructions and provide your dog with the praise & rewards they need, training will be quick and successful


German Sheprador

Their coats typically vary in length, and while they may not be the best dog for people with allergies, their coat is user-friendly to care for. A medium-sized brush every week will probably do the job. Bathing is recommended every few months with a gentle shampoo.

Their double coat is ideal for extreme weather and their love of running and playing in the snow is well documented. Their coat can also help keep them cool during hot summer months as they are an indoor dog.

German Sheprador’s Health Issues

German Sheprador’s, who is the cross of German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever dogs, has some similar conditions to dogs from those breeds. This dog breed might not be as healthy as you thought though. They might have certain problems like joint conditions or blood issues which is why it’s important to take care of them.

Some of the most common health problems German Shepherds face are hip and elbow dysplasia, digestive problems (bloat & diarrhea), ear infections, allergies, and bad teeth (gum disease).

Children And Other Pets Compatibilty

German Sheprador

photo: go_ammo_go

German Shepradors are really gentle, they’re known to be both affectionate towards kids and enjoy their energetic company. They will happily go to a child’s birthday party, so you can always count on them to wear a party hat. Like all dogs though they need to get enough sleep and take a break every day.

Children should always be taught how to approach and touch dogs. Parents should also always supervise any interactions between children and dogs to prevent any biting or ear pulling, etc.

Make sure to teach your child to never approach any dog while they’re eating or sleeping, since this can upset them. Furthermore, they shouldn’t try to take the dog’s food away either. If a pup ever seems friendly, it doesn’t automatically mean that the owner would be too when you’re not around.

As they’ve had plenty of exposure to other animals, German Shepradors are usually friendly with other pets. If you’re thinking about adopting one, we recommend reading more about their parent breed’s characteristics.

Frequently Asked Question

How smart is a Sheprador?

German Sheprador is a very intelligent dog and he can be easily trained. He does not do well too much alone time. You need to have someone around him, because otherwise he’s going to get lonely and start chewing or barking.

Are German Shepradors good?

German Shepradors are usually a good choice for families but may not be the best pick for first-time owners. Labs and German shepherds have some challenges as well, not to mention mixed-breed offspring.

Are German Sheprador easy to train?

Yes. They are easy to train because of its intelligent breed.

Are Shepradors hypoallergenic?

No, They are very heavy shedder. So its not a good choice for people with allergies.

How much do German Shepradors cost?

You can expect to pay around $800 for German Shepradors puppy

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