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9 Cute Frogs and Their Pictures

Frogs are becoming increasingly popular pets because there are a number of varieties available in different environments. You can keep them in an aquarium, terrarium, or a combination of both!

It’s fun to sort frogs by cuteness as well. It’s also helpful for capturing rare types that are sometimes hard to find.

There are lots of cute types of frogs that make great pets. If you’re wondering about the types to consider, and what species might be an option for you, keep reading to see what we found!

Cute frog Breeds

1. Amazon Milk Frog

Amazon Milk Frog ,Cute frog Breeds
Amazon Milk Frog


Size:2.5–4 inches
Lifespan:8 years
Colors:light brown with black or grey

Amongst these tip variety, the Amazon Milk Frog is probably one of the larger ones you’ll find. It can grow to almost four inches long and if it’s light brown color with patches of grey or black, chances are you’re in for a treat! Look at its golden eyes with dark cross patterns that will bring excitement and wonder to anyone who comes across this particular species.

2. Golden Poison Frog

2. Golden Poison Frog Cute frog Breeds
Size:1–2 inch
Lifespan:10 years
Colors:yellow, orange and green

The Golden poison frog is endemic from the Pacific coast of Colombia and is also known as a golden dart frog. They’re often golden yellow in color, but can also be orange or even green.

Frogs are widely considered the best pets for kids because they’re active during the day. They require a lot of humidity with a lot of litter, like a rainforest environment.

3. Poison Dart Frogs

3. Poison Dart Frogs Cute frog Breeds
Size:1 inch
Lifespan:3–15 years
Colors:yellow, black, green, red, copper, blue

The Poison Dart Frog is attracting attention for its unique coloring and spots. It can be found in many colors and the majority of them are black in color. The Poison Dart Frog is known to be most active during the day but may come out at night when it gets warmer. The Poison Dart Frog species can be found mostly in Central & South America.

4. Borneo Eared Frog

4. Borneo Eared Frog Cute frog Breeds

photo: deepgroveexotics

Size:2.5–3 inch
Lifespan:5–6 years
Colors:yellow, tan

The Borneo Eared Frog is also known as the File-Eared Tree Frog, and its size makes it slightly larger than our previous frog at almost three inches.

This frog is a lemon yellow with tan markings and black stripes on the legs. On top of the head, there are also many small black markings. It seems to prefer living in lowland trees like most frogs, but we don’t know too much about it specifically.

5. Grey Tree Frogs

5. Grey Tree Frogs Cute frog Breeds

photo: rypaq

Size:1.5–2 inch
Lifespan:5–9 years
Colors:green, grey, brown

Most frogs change their color as they adapt to their environment, and the grey tree frog is one that does this in an especially interesting way. It’s similar to the Cope’s Gray Tree Frog and is also considered attractive. This frog is a nocturnal animal that can live off freeze.

6. Red-Eye Tree Frog

6. Red-Eye Tree Frog Cute frog Breeds

photo: botanicalbailey

Size:1 inch
Lifespan:3–15 years
Colors:yellow, red, copper, blue, black, green

The Red-Eye Tree Frog is a popular pet to keep in your home. They have a green body with thin, large eyes with narrow pupils. These pupils help predators identify their eyes as part of the tree frog’s body. This allows them to get away before they are eaten so they can survive and be happy!

7. White Tree Frogs

7. White Tree Frogs Cute frog Breeds
Size:3–5 inch
Lifespan:15–20 years
Colors:muddy brown to green

The white Tree Frog can range in color from muddy brown to green. Some frogs are blue tint. This type of frog is very popular, and it often makes up a large part of the “most popular breeds list” found at most pet stores. Female frogs are slightly larger than males.

8. Tomato Frog

8. Tomato Frog Cute frog Breeds

phtot: a.sewoon

Size:4–5 inches
Lifespan:6–8 years
Colors:yellow-orange, red orange

The Tomato Frog is a strikingly beautiful creature that looks like a regular tomato when it sees it’s being threatened.

This frog provides a defense mechanism for itself by releasing it’s toxic venom that can temporarily paralyze predators.

It’s tough to find a Tomato Frog! This amphibian is on many endangered species lists and so you might run into some trouble trying to find one yourself.

9. Granular Glass Frog

Cute frog Breeds Granular Glass Frog

photo: fernando_iglesias_photo

Size:1 inch
Lifespan:10–14 years
Colors:black, green, yellow, red, copper, blue

Granular Glass Frogs are beneficial pets. They are fun to watch because they can be transparent and see the vital organs inside their body. It’s usually a green tint but maybe other colors too! These frogs spend mainly their time outside of human interaction and do not require a lot of care.


When you’re looking for a new pet, we highly recommend Poison Dart Frog or the Golden Poison frog. They are both popular and active when kept in captivity.

Red-Eyed Tree Frogs are a popular choice for any backyard due to their obvious red markings. Reptiles like these frogs are entertaining to watch and will attract the attention of guests visiting your home.

From reading this list, you should have chosen a few frogs to keep in your home. We hope we helped you out and that you’ll continue sharing this guide with those around you who may be interested in these nine cute frogs.

source: Petkeen

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