Can dogs eat celery

Can dogs eat celery ? Is Celery Good for Dogs?

Can dogs eat celery? The short is answer is Yes. Dogs need a complete & balanced diet to stay healthy and don’t need fruits & veggies the same way humans do. But in moderation, some fruits & vegetables can make healthy treats for your pet. Low-calorie, low-fat fruits & veggies are also a good treatment option for overweight pets.

The truth is that some human foods can be toxic to dogs. The thing is, you’ll always want to ask your vet before feeding them new food.

Celery is great with most meals. You can have it with your salad, smoothie, or soup, and enjoy the wonderful benefits of this vegetable. Many pet owners also keep it in their fridges, so dogs are bound to find celery tasty too.

Can dogs eat celery?

Yes, celery is generally a safe food for dogs. Although it’s not part of their typical menu, it can be given in moderation as a healthy snack if your pup enjoys it.

Some dog owners also worry about pesticide exposure for their dogs from celery, especially if they are giving them the leaves. Celery leaves may also have more pesticides or chemicals than other parts of the plant. A vegetable that’s 95% water and contains useful nutrients can be added to the great human snacks list

(If you just wash it carefully, that should be fine). You can also remove the leaves and feed them just the stalk if you want (We recommend organic raw vegetables whenever possible). Just like with other foods, it’s best to introduce celery slowly into a dog’s diet. This will help you see how they react and will give them time to adopt to it if necessary.

Is Celery Good for Dogs?

Is Celery Good for Dogs

Compared to other fruits and vegetables, celery is a better pick for your dog. It has high water content and very few calories, in addition to containing important vitamins like K, A & C as well as iron & potassium.

Risks of feeding celery to your dog

Although celery is thought to be safe for dogs, it can cause problems for some animals. Depending on your dog, they may love a crunchy snack of this green veg or leave it alone.

Some pets do ok with it in small doses, but others will get an upset stomach. Make sure you give it to your pet gradually and be on the lookout for negative reactions like vomiting or diarrhea.

Feeding celery to your dog can also be risky. The vegetable is hard and fibrous and it could cause a choking hazard if not cut into small bits. To prevent that from happening, one has to make sure the celery is chopped before giving it to the pet.

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