Can Dogs Eat Bananas

Can Dogs Eat Bananas? Are Bananas Safe For Dogs?

Can dogs eat bananas? The answer is yes! Dogs can eat bananas, but before you let your pup chow down on these sweet, yellow fruits, here are some things to keep in mind beforehand.

Though they provide countless benefits, bananas are not meant to be a regular part of a dog’s diet. They are very sugary and should be enjoyed in moderation.

On April 21st, it’s National Banana Day so there’s no better time to show your dog how to enjoy a banana. Bananas are an excellent choice of fruit for any day!

It’s important to ask your vet before giving your dog any human food. Here are some tips on how to safely feed your dog bananas.

How Are Bananas Good For Dogs?

dog eating bananas

Bananas are rich in Vitamin B6 and C. In addition to providing healthier alternatives to yucky, fatty or salty food, vets sometimes recommend bananas because of their high potassium and low sodium & cholesterol content.

Bananas are very high in fiber, which is great for your digestion and can help remedy any stomach problems. They also contain magnesium, which promotes bone growth & helps the body absorb nutrients.

When Are Bananas Bad For Dogs?

dog eating bananas

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Bananas are a fruit high in sugar. This can lead to stomach problems, an increased risk for obesity and diabetes for dogs that eat too many.

Although your dog would have to eat a lot of these fruits occasionally to develop these conditions, we’d advise you to make sure they don’t consume too much.

Moreover, the high fiber content can lead to constipation if your dog eats too many at once, or has trouble with digestion. And some dogs just don’t like them.

Obviously, you should not feed the peel of the banana to your dog. It is not harmful, but it can cause digestive problems

Every dog is different and there’s always a risk of allergies. If your dog has any signs of an allergic reaction, including difficulty breathing, swelling, hives, sneezing, or coughing – then stop feeding them bananas.

How Should You Feed Bananas To Your Dog?


Talk to your vet before including bananas in your dog’s diet. They can tell you how much will work for them, where their dietary needs differ from other types of dogs and what their weight is.

Here are a few ways you can give your dog some healthy bananas:

  • Freezing & peeling bananas and then cutting them up into pieces is a great way to give your dog a refreshing treat.
  • Mash some bananas up and mix them into your pet’s food. Your dog might love the new flavor and find a change from their daily meal to be fun.
  • Smush a banana and stuff it in to a Kong or toy. This will provide your dog with mental and physical stimulation, helping them reduce boredom.
  • Mix bananas in a treat recipe. You can find lots of recipes for banana dog treats by searching online. Some top combinations include peanut butter or yogurt, but you should also talk to your vet before making these substitutions.

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