Can Cows Swim? Do Cows Enjoy Swimming?

Can Cows Swim? Do Cows Enjoy Swimming?

Cows have always been one of the most interesting creatures. Not only are they a great food source, but they also supply milk and other types of dairy products. They’re very large animals for humans to deal with regularly and there’s a lot to know about them.

One of the most common questions we’re asked by new owners with water on their property is whether cows can swim.

The short answer is yes.

Cows can swim but does that mean they like it? And are they even any good at it to help you out? Keep reading in order to find out more.

Can Cows Swim?

One of the most surprising facts about cows that one might learn is that they can swim. Cows are mammals like humans and many other species besides. They tend to swim naturally, especially lowland cattle who live in England, Australia, and India.

Cows swimming
Cows swimming

Why Do Cows Swim?

Cows are prevalent swimmers, and in fact it is natural for them to do so. They swim to reach better grazing areas or when being chased by predators, or sometimes just to cool down on a hot summer day. Cows will even take their calves into the water during floods, so if you see cows near a riverbank that means they are likely safe and sound.

Do Cows Like Swimming?

Do Cows Like Swimming?

Yes, cows seem to enjoy swimming. You’ll often see them enter into the water without any coaxing and will even bring their kids with them! Cows have always been attracted to water, which means it’s likely quite relaxing for them. As cows weigh more than 1,500 pounds, it feels natural and no one needs to teach them how to swim either. Moreover, they’re escaping predators and cooling off as well as accessing more food in the water.

Sometimes, when we first introduce cows to water they will be too fearful. But if we provide them with a steady source of water, they will quickly forget their fears and enjoy swimming in it.


As you can see, cows are good swimmers and it would be a skill that’s been developed entirely naturally. As both care and predators need to access water holes at the same time, it’s likely to have developed throughout history.

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