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The Bordoodle is a mixed-breed dog, common in England and the most popular dog in Europe. They’re easy to recognize thanks to their short fur and peculiar coloration. The breed is known for its friendly nature and intelligence, inherited from both parents: Border Collie & Poodle.

Bordoodles are mixed breed dogs that can be found in shelters or volunteered for by breed-specific rescues. Adopting one of these combinations is better than purchasing a dog from a breeder as they can have many different backgrounds and personalities.

Bordoodles are friendly, easy to care for, and protective of the family. They do need some time & attention but can be taught good manners with a little guidance from your family.

Bordoodle Profiles

Bordoodle Profiles
HEIGHT12–22 inches
LIFE SPAN 11–16 years
WEIGHT35–65 pounds
Suitable withfamilies ,children ,dogs ,cats
 COLORSblack, gray ,red ,blue, cream, white, fawn, brown / chocolate / liver
friendly, playful, willful
Bordoodle Profiles

Bordoodle History and Origin


Bordoodles come from a mish-mash of parent breeds and there aren’t many accurate details about their modern origins. When you take a closer look at the history behind their parents, you can start to understand where the Bordoodle came from and what they’re all about.

The poodle is a popular breed that can be traced back to ancient Egypt. It became widely accepted in France during the 19th century where it was bred as a duck hunting dog.

There are a lot of stories about how the Border Collie started out, but one of the most popular is about how Queen Victoria used them for her personal protection. She gave them the name and in many countries, including Scotland and America, they were actually called Scotch Sheep Dogs.

This is a good idea if you feel like adopting a designer-breed dog. A lot of these dogs end up at shelters and rescues across the country because many people are not aware of their needs.

Bordoodle Size

The Bordoodle is a medium-sized dog that can come in various sizes and colors. They usually weigh in between 30 and 60 pounds, and vary in height from 12 to 22 inches.

Bordoodle Personality

Bordoodle puppy

There are a lot of mixed breeds that are popular in this day and age, but the Bordoodle is among the most sought-after. Its personality traits vary depending on the two parents it was born from, whether it’s small or large, and has both personality and intellectual prowess.

They’re friendly and playful, which makes them perfect for families who have kids. Their intelligence means that they also love learning new tricks and being challenged, especially in the field of training.

This is a loveable and intelligent dog that deserves the privilege to be in your home. Make sure to spend time and effort with it, so you can have some quality time together.

Don’t expect the mixed breed Bordoodle to be a guard dog straight away. They will prove wary of strangers in the beginning and it’s advisable that you make a few friends so that they quickly get used to you. This is one loyal pup who’s become extremely attached to the family that adopts them.

Bordoodle Health Issues

ordoodles have generally been considered healthy dogs, though mixed breeds can still be predisposed to the same conditions that the Border Collie and Poodle may face. Always keep your dog healthy with regular wellness visits. They will help them live a longer life, which you can enjoy with each other.

Bordoodles have a variety of health concerns, including: Progressive retinal degeneration. Epilepsy. Hip dysplasia & hip injury.

How to take Care Bordoodle?

Your dog needs regular veterinary checkups to make sure their healthy, so your vet can help you develop a routine that will ensure long-lasting health.

The Bordoodle is an adorable medium energy dog. Get them out for a couple of walks each day for about 45 minutes. Not only will this keep your pup happy and healthy, but it will also provide a good social outlet.

Although, the mixed breed’s intelligence would make it possible to train them and provide stimulation for their mind as well, it is recommended to also incorporate obedience tasks into your dog training routine. That way your dog can stay alert.

The Bordoodle is a must-have apartment pet. Not only is it easy to take care of and doesn’t need constant veterinary care, but it can adapt easily to an urban environment. It’s a good idea to brush your dog’s teeth every day or at least a few times a week to ensure they remain healthy & strong. Give your dog a comfortable place to sit during their regular teeth cleanings.

Also, check the mixed-breed paw pads and nails every week or so for any signs of damage, and make sure that you are trimming their nails every two weeks. Checking your dog’s ears regularly is always a good idea because these areas are the first thing that you will find debris and any problems with them can quickly spread. Make sure to clean the ears according to your vet’s instructions to minimize buildup and risk of infection.


A Bordoodle is a type of medium breed dog. They require a nutritionally balanced diet that should be formulated for medium energy levels based on their breed traits.

Overeating can have adverse effects on the overall health of your dog, but it is important that dogs are fed a healthy diet to ensure they are able to maintain balanced energy levels.

As with all dogs, the Bordoodle’s dietary needs will shift as the puppy grows & becomes an adult, and then shift again as they get older into their senior years.

Asking a veterinarian for safe recommendations can provide you an advantage, as they have knowledge of the Bordoodle’s diet and health. There is too much variation among individual dogs, including weight, energy levels, and overall health to make specific recommendations.

Bordoodle Puppy

Bordoodle Coat Color

The Bordoodle is a mixed dog with many different coats and patterns to choose from. Some of the available colors include black, white, gray, brown and more.

Bordoodle Grooming

The Bordoodle is a medium sized dog that’s often described as being soft and the hair is typically on the soft side. Brushing is usually one or two times a week and you should see significant shedding.

It’s important to make sure you’re providing the perfect protective accommodations whether it’s a season or not. For example, keep your dog cool by adding a fluffy coat if it starts feeling too cold outside.

The use of fresh water and shade are important during outdoor playtime, so keep that in mind when arranging your grounds. Plus, ensuring both shade and fresh water are available can help you have a more enjoyable time!

Children , family and other pets

The best family dog is the most popular among all breeds. It’s known to be trustworthy and easy to train so you can enjoy their company without any worries or a struggle. But make sure to exercise proper socialization and training early on in order to ensure this always stays true!

If you’re new to a pet, always make sure to set up boundaries and guidelines. While there’s nothing wrong with owning a breed, it’s important to understand the different needs for different breeds.

Early socialization and proper training allow for happy relationships with your puppy. Keep them away from other dogs as few interactions can cause aggression, as well as rewarding positive behavior!

Frequently Asked Question

How much does a Bordoodle cost?

Price ranges from $3,000-$4,000

Is a Borderdoodle hypoallergenic?

Yes they are hypoallergenic

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