Black Otter Rex Rabbit

Black Otter Rex Rabbit Facts ,Characteristics & Pictures

Black otter rex rabbits have become extremely popular around the world for their fur and their kind temperaments. This makes rabbits easy to care for, and they do not require a ton of accessories and resources. Rabbits are also easy to find since they are so common, which means that they make a great long-term pet choice.

We talk about everything there is to know about the black otter rex rabbit including their behavior, care requirements, grooming needs, and health considerations.

Black Otter Rex Rabbits Profiles & Quick Facts

Black Otter Rex Rabbits
Black Otter Rex Rabbits

Credit : charlottes.rex.rabbits

Species NameLagomorpha
Care LevelModerate
Temperature65-85 degrees
TemperamentCalm, curious, friendly
Color FormBlack with otter markings
Lifespan5-6 years
Size7-11 pounds
DietHay, veggies, fruit, commercial pellets
Minimum Tank Size44 square feet for living and exercise
Tank Set-UpCage, bedding, toys, food, water, litter box
CompatibilitySingles, families and multi-rabbit households

Credit : Petkeen


The black otter rex rabbit is a small, stout animal with a very arched back and gorgeous black fur with a high-quality finish. There’s a lot of ways rabbits have become pets in households. Especially in US homes, but they’re raised more often as meat elsewhere around the world.

Rabbits are typically laid-back and do not like to be handled. But this does not mean that there is no curiosity in them whatsoever. If they get out of their cage, there could be some trouble ahead for them if they left unattended by someone. This sweet, sociable rabbit is great with kids and fellow pets of different types. It’s a perfect addition to your stable!

Black Otter Rex Rabbit
Black Otter Rex Rabbit

photo: charlottes.rex.rabbits


You would spend anywhere from $50-$75 to purchase a black otter rex from a breeder or a pet store.

Some rabbits can be found at local animal shelters and are offered at a minimal cost, but they will likely be limited. If you’re okay with waiting for a while to get your new black otter rex rabbit, then you can put it on hold.

 Behavior & Temperament

Rabbits can be often be misconstrued as cautious or aloof, but they are actually curious and have a lot of personalities. They love interacting with new things and enjoy being handled by humans. These guys will happily cuddle in your lap or play with interactive toys.

The Black Otter Rabbit is lively and active during the times of dawn & sunset. They may come out to play briefly throughout the day with members of the family.

The Black Otter Rabbits are vocal animals and have great energy that comes out when they play or their family members come home from an extended trip.


The black otter rex rabbit has beautiful luxurious fur with unique markings. Their heads are broad, their ears are upright, and their whiskers curl. It’s a good idea to pet them while they’re awake!

Female rabbits weigh, on average, between 8 and 11 pounds when fully grown. Male types of rabbits tend to weigh in at 7 and 9 pounds. Mini rabbits come in both male and female versions, which can typically weigh between 3-4.5 pounds when fully grown.


Black otters can live in a caged habitat as long as that is their only option and they are litter-box trained. They’re then able to roam freely throughout your home without making a mess. The stress that comes with raising a pet can be alleviated by giving them hours of playtime in their habitat. Keep your otter rex rabbit busy by providing interactive toys while they are in their accommodations.


Rabbits can live in moderate temperature ranges of between 65 and 85 degrees without temperature control, but they are at their best when it’s in the 70s. At home, there are no special accommodations needed. Outside, a space heater and/or a fan during the winter and summer seasons may be necessary.


Black otter rex rabbits need a floor that is covered with bedding or bedding materials – it will comfort them and help absorb moisture. You can buy commercial bedding at pet stores and online. You can also make your own DIY bedding via tearing newspaper or paper towels.

Habitat & Setup

Your rabbit needs space to move around, so you should provide your pet with enough living space to accommodate him or her. Ideally, you can have a larger living area and a smaller exercise area. The average-sized black otter rabbit should have 12 square feet of space for living alone. An exercise area should be available for your pet to stretch its arms & legs, play with toys and hop around in. They should also have a water dish and food bowl assigned to it.

Are Black Otter Rex Rabbits Suitable for You?

Black Otter Rex Rabbits
Black Otter Rex Rabbits

photo: londontobrighton2662

A black otter rex rabbit is a complicated creature, but one that many people find could easily have them fit into their lives. So what are your thoughts on the type of rabbit, from a name perspective? Is this rabbit the breed for you, or will you look elsewhere? Let us know more in the comments section!

Frequently Asked Question

Do Black Otter Rex Rabbits Get Along With Other Pets?

Rabbits are seen as generally friendly animals that enjoy the company of other rabbits. They can also hang out with friendly dogs and cats on occasion. Other animals that they can get along with including guinea pigs and turtles. Introducing them to other animals early in life will ease the process of their acceptance as adults.

What is a black otter rabbit?

Black otter rex rabbit is a small, stout animal with a very arched back and gorgeous black fur with black-colored otter markings and a rex coat texture.

How Much Does Black Otter Rex Rabbit Cost?

You would spend anywhere from $50-$75 to purchase a black otter rex from a breeder or a pet store.

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