Black Cattle Breeds

5 Black Cattle Breeds With Their Pictures

When someone thinks of a cow, they usually imagine the brown and white animals. However, cow colors come in a variety of natural shades. Such as brown, all-white, or all-black cows.

There are a lot of different cow breeds out there, but here are just a few of the black cow breeds that you may have heard of.

You may be wondering about the differences in cattle breeds. Here is a list of five black cattle breeds with their pictures.

5 Black Cattle Breeds

1. Black Baldy Cattle Breed

Black Baldy Cattle Breed
Black Baldy Cattle Breed

Photo Credit: jnp16texas

The Black Baldy is a cross between a Hereford and an Angus. They usually have white faces like the Hereford, but their body coats often come from the Angus, with black bodies like the Angus instead of red like the Hereford.

Black Baldy cows are exceptional mothers. They work hard and do a great job at raising their babies because of hybrid vigor, meaning that their crossbred children tend to have better quality than average.

2. Herens Cattle Breed

Herens Cattle Breed
Herens Cattle Breed

photo: pat.domeyne

Herens cattle live in the Alpine regions of Switzerland. They are small and horned with a lighter-colored stripe running along their back. Herens cattle can be brown, red, or black.

The Herens cows are known for fighting amongst one another, which has led to the odd spectacle of cow fighting becoming popular by featuring these animals.

In the spring, cows and heifers have to fight each other. This is a natural behavior for the cantons of Valais and Nidwalden in Switzerland, as it helps establish dominance, rather than aggression.

3. Welsh Black Cattle

Welsh Black Cattle
Welsh Black Cattle

photo: earthseyemedia

The Welsh Black Cattle is a British breed that can be traced back to pre-Roman breeds. They have been called “the black gold from the Welsh hills” for over 1,000 years, which reflects their prominence in Wales and Scotland. Welsh Black cattle was once a dual-purpose breed: North Wales cows were reared for beef, while those from South Wales were primarily raised for dairy.

4. Galloway Cattle Breed

Galloway Cattle Breed
Galloway Cattle Breed

Galloway cows are an established beef cattle breed, originally from the Scottish Galloway region. Considered to be black by default, some populations also consider red cattle to be Galloways but others do not.

Galloway cattle originally came from Scotland and were exported to Canada, America, and Australia by the 1950s. They experienced a boom in the farming industry in these countries.

5. Australian Lowline Cattle

Australian Lowline Cattle
Australian Lowline Cattle

photo: cannvalleylowlines

The Australian Lowline cattle are bred to come from Angus ancestry, and their compact form is popular amongst farmers for its high-quality beef and easy nature.

Australian Lowline cattle are bred with space and feed efficiency in mind, without sacrificing some of the other qualities that make other breeds popular. The breed has a history dating back to the late 1920s when they were started at the Agricultural Research Center in Trangie.

Conclusion: Black Cattle Breeds

Cattle all come in different shapes and sizes, just like people. We live in a world with limitless cattle breeds and they are constantly evolving. One of the many benefits of having different animal breeds is that you are able to recognize the best breed for each circumstance.

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