Biewer Terrier Dog

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The Biewer Terrier is a rare breed of dog, like the Yorkshire Terrier, but instead they were created because a recessive gene from Yorkshire Terriers combined with another recessive gene. They have some great qualities because of it including being friendly, playful, and energetic.

This dog is an elegant and adorable breed of dog that looks like a toy, but can carry on their genes into adulthood. They maintain a playful attitude well beyond childhood, making them perfect as family companions. They are very loyal and friendly family member, happy to meet and greet new people. However, there are some reported cases of the breed becoming unusually emotional– specifically when strangers do what they’re told.

Despite their small stature, the Biewer is a very hearty dog with an excellent sense of smell and will be alert, energetic, and eager to play. Like all dogs, they are lighthearted, have a childlike personality, and like to carry toys in their mouths. He is quick to alert you to vulnerabilities and is always thinking, but he doesn’t have a constant bark.

Biewer Terrier Dog Breed Profiles-Quick Facts

Biewer Terrier Dog
Credit:photo: iamemmet
Height7-11 inches
Weight4-8 pounds
Lifespan16 years
Suited For children ,seniors ,dogs, cats ,families
 TEMPERAMENToutgoing, willful, friendly

Biewer Terrier History

Biewer Terrier Dog
photo: iamemmet

The Biewer Terrier has been around for years and was originated in 1984 in Germany from two Yorkshire Terriers with recessive piebald genes. Both Gertrud and Werner loved their Yorkshire Terriers from the moment they were born and took great care of them for over 20 years before finally meeting the Biewer Terrier breed for the first time.

In Germany, These breed has seen a sharp decline in popularity since the year 2000. This is due to many fewer people choosing to breed it, and because of its lower popularity there aren’t many people being willing to buy it.

They have been around for a short time and have been enjoying renewed popularity recently, after being brought to America. In 2014, the Biewer Terrier became one of the breeds inducted into the AKC Foundation Stock Service. In 2021, the AKC recognized this breed as well.

Biewer Terrier Appearance

Biewer Terrier Dog
photo: pascal.the.biewer

These are tiny terriers that are about the size of your hand. According to breed standards, Biewers will be about 4-8 pounds and 7-11 inches tall. There’s a wide variety of colors they can be found in, so let your imagination run wild! If a Yorkie has white hair with very little black fur, the tail will be mostly white. A Biewer’s tailed is mostly black. Most Biewer terriers have full tails that plume over the back and most Yorkshire terriers don’t.

Biewer terriers can vary in coat length, from the shorter-haired ones that require less maintenance to the longer fur requiring more washing. These dogs do not have an undercoat and do not shed, which makes them the perfect pet for people with allergies or who love to keep their house clean.

Children Compatibility

Dogs can be easily injured by children- especially if the child is too exuberant. Though a Biewer Terrier can get along with children, it’s safest to teach your kids early on how to approach and play with any dog responsibly.

The Biewer Terrier can be great family companion and loves to play & get outside. They also get along well with adults, seniors and kids.

Pet Compatibility

As with many other purebred dogs, they need to be socialized so they can feel comfortable around other pets. They have a tendency towards independence, but with proper training and care, these little terriers can be the most affectionate family members.

Introducing them early in their life to other pets will make things easier as far as socialization with other dogs. Biewer Terriers can mostly get along with anyone, but it all comes down to proper training, socialization, and luck of the draw.


Some describe Biewer Terriers as being more like a toy breed, but don’t know much else about their personality. The Yorkshire Terrier is seen as having more terrier qualities and has been the subject of study in order to understand what makes it different from other breeds. This information has not been confirmed by any testing or research.

Food and Diet

Biewer Terrier diets should be formulated with regards to high energy levels and small frames. If they are overfed, they might gain weight and become unhealthy. Stick to a regular feeding schedule with few snacks in between

Though they are not as large as other dogs, be sure to make sure that your domestic chewer makes a healthy diet. Feed them high quality dry or wet food and avoid the use of greasy foods.

Different breeds of dogs grow at different rates and will require different nutritional needs as they age. The health of your Biewer Terrier will definitely benefit from trying new foods at regular intervals. You should ask your veterinarian to recommend a diet for your Biewer Terrier based off common diet combinations. There is such a wide variety in canine weight, energy, and health there is no way one specific type of food will work for all dogs.

Biewer Terrier Health Issues

The Biewer Terrier is not only physically closer to the Yorkshire Terrier, but it also has similar genetic health problems. While most dog owners take excellent care of their dogs, a few may encounter health issues and need to maintain good care and regular checkups.

Some of the health problems the Biewer Terrier may suffer from include GI tract sensitivity, bouts of diarrhea, frequent soft stools, and dental issues.

Coat and Grooming

Biewer Terrier Dog
photo: biewer_bellkor_kennel

Biewer Terriers originate from Yorkshire Terriers, but dog coats should not be confused with the puppy’s coat expression. Genetic testing is used to determine a dog’s coloring, and the Biewer Terrier’s piebald growth pattern makes them very distinctive in terms of color. It has a pattern of two colors, white and tan. On the chest and legs, they have patches of white fur, while their faces are mostly black with tan and sometimes white markings.

The Biewer Terrier has a long coat and can be a little difficult to groom, but it’s also hypoallergenic. There are shorter versions of these dogs that you may want to consider just in case.

Dogs are generally small but soft. Personally, I think their coat is best left to grow out (in some places you can even interview with a long-haired dog). Brushing every day is important for keeping the coat healthy. The Biewer Terrier is small and does not handle extreme conditions very well. If you’re looking for a dog that can handle the cold weather, you might consider a different breed or adopting an older one – younger dogs like to chew things that are electrified, and just as painful!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Biewer Terrier cost?

Its price ranges from $3,500 to $4,000.

Are Biewer Terriers rare?

Yes. The Biewer Terrier is a purebred, rare dog

Does a Biewer Terrier shed?

The Biewer Terrier breed is perfect for allergy sufferers, with a medium-length coat that never sheds. It is also friendly and lively, making it perfect for any dog lover.

What is the lifespan of a Biewer Terrier?

12 to 15 years

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