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Auggie Dog – Crossbreed of Australian Shepherd and Corgi

The Auggie Dog is a new breed of dog. It is a cross between the Australian Shepherd and Corgi, and typically, the Miniature Australian Shepherd and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Friendly, energetic, and playful mixed breed dogs make great companions for the whole family. Their name is spelled a number of different ways and some people refer to them as “Australian shepherd mix,” but you can most likely find them at pet shelters or rescues in your area. There is also no reason to go shopping for designer dogs! Please adopt one (or more) today!

Auggie Dog Profiles- Quick Facts

Auggie Dog
Auggie Dog
 OriginUnited States, United Kingdom
Breed TypeMixed breed dogs/ Designer
Life Span2-15 years
Weight 20-30 lbs
10-13 inches
Color black and brown , black and white
Auggie Dog Profiles

Source: Pawmaw

Auggie Dog History

Auggie dogs were first bred in the UK and US around 1820.There are a lot of coat colors to choose from, and most of them come in the tricolor combination of black, brown, and white. Many breeds are suitable for various jobs, but Auggie dogs fall under the herding class. This makes them ideal family and companion dogs since they tend to be calm, tolerant, and bubbly.

Auggie Dog Size

An Auggie is generally considered to be a medium-sized dog. This can vary depending on the size of an Australian Shepherd–standard or miniature. The height of an Auggie can vary but is typically between 10-13 inches and weighs approximately 20-30 pounds. If you want a small dog that is smart, loyal, and loving, an Auggie or Corgi is a good fit.

Auggie Dog Personality

Auggie Dog - Crossbreed of Australian Shepherd and Corgi
Auggie Dog

Auggies have that great energy and friendliness you would expect from a dog. They love to hang out around people & other animals and are very playful! Although they may have some stubbornness, pedigree dogs are very trainable. Early training and socialization should help them learn how to work best with your home.

Auggie dogs are highly curious and love to “help” with their herding ways. They’re also great companions as they look after you, and will always try to let you know when something’s wrong. Auggie might make a lot of noise, but they can be taught to see boundaries. If you start early and train them, they’ll be sure to stay quiet when asked.

Auggies are very affectionate, loyal and friendly. They’re like dogs in the way they present themselves around strangers, except that they tend to be a little shy when first meeting someone.

Auggie Dog Health Issues

Australian Shepherds and Corgis are both pretty healthy, but Auggie can still have health conditions, so regular vet check-ups are the best way to maintain their health. Some of the more common health issues Auggies suffer from include obesity, epilepsy, deafness, urinary stones, blindness.

Auggie Dog Grooming and Coat Colors

Auggie Dog - Crossbreed of Australian Shepherd and Corgi
Auggie Dog – Crossbreed of Australian Shepherd and Corgi

Auggies can have different combinations of base colors, black, white, tan or brown. Their coats are typically a combination of these colors.

All pets have different habits and behaviors, but Auggies are especially known for their shedding. They may shed during most of the year, though they usually don’t shed a lot. During the season’s change, they can make more messes with their heavy coat and tons of hair.

Bathing your dog is important to ensure she stays clean and healthy. Daily brushing is also a must to keep her fur soft and tangle-free, as well as prevent potential mats on the floor. Her coat will be more luxurious, too! Since they keep their coats checked twice a year, they have a good resistance to hot or cold weather.

This can be beneficial in both seasons. They also tend not to do very well when it gets extreme–this is seen in how poorly they do when temperatures rapidly increase or quickly drop It’s important to keep an eye out for signs of discomfort in your dog. If their breathing becomes labored or they shiver, it may be time to take them inside and out of the heat or cold.

How to take Care Auggie?

Dogs are living their lives in today’s society and some of the most important challenges that they face is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Just like you, Auggie needs to get his annual check-ups done so your veterinarian can detect any health issues before they become problematic. It’s great news for Auggie owners because these pups are extremely active and love having lots of playtime. They need a lot of exercise to keep their weight in check, which is helpful since they could also be prone to weight gain due to the Corgi genes.

Corgis are known for their long and stout legs and a tail that can nearly reach the ground. This, combined with the dog’s elongated spine, means he or she is more prone to injury, especially when he or she needs to get in and out of the car like your Auggie. For their best health, general guidelines are to check ears and teeth regularly, brush their teeth two times a week and clip nails one time per month. Should you have extra shedding that may contribute to heavy cleaning efforts, consider adding another animal companion (i.e. a second one)


A small- to medium-sized breed is recommended for an ideal Auggie diet. Energy levels should also be high. This is an important reminder to feed your Corgi properly. They can also be sensitive to different foods and develop allergies, so keep an eye on their stool & see how things are going.

With their food allergies, Auggies are a little different than other dogs. As your dog grows from a puppy to an adult you’ll need to update its diet needs as they change. Like humans, they’ll be more sensitive to certain foods so keep an eye out and see if they have any reactions when you’re cooking. You may need to ask your vet and other pet experts for recommendations about what your precious baby should be eating on a daily basis. This is because there is so much variation in dietary needs among different pets–including weight, energy and health–that no specific recommendation can be made.

Children and Other pets

Auggie is a very popular dog with a protective nature, thanks to the herding background of both parents. Auggie dogs love to play with children. They are carefully selected specifically for their willingness to adapt and take on a role in the family. Despite their gentle demeanor, they should always be properly supervised when playing with children so that no injuries occur.

Auggie generally gets along well with other animals, as long as they are patient and tolerant of his herding instinct. If an animal doesn’t necessarily enjoy being herded, he quickly learns what to do. Sometimes Auggie will bump them with the nose or steer them using the body to bypass their natural defense mechanisms. This is harmless. It shouldn’t cause any physical injury. But it may stress out some very small prey animals. It’s important to supervise interactions between your dog and other animals, especially smaller ones, like guinea pigs. Sometimes it might be hard to see that dogs are trained & socialized because of their size, but you can see from this video that they’ll get along with other dogs.

If you’re looking for a dog that will help with your social life, Auggie is probably the best choice. These dogs are incredibly intelligent and with minimal training, they will help brighten up your day! Even their apparent stubbornness can be managed easily and effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Auggie dogs easy to train?

Dogs are intelligent animals and they can be trained easily

Are Auggie Dogs Smart?

Auggie dogs are smart but they can also be stubborn, strong-willed, and sometimes even destructive. They need to be trained carefully so that they don’t become dominant as a result of their high intelligence.

Do Auggie dogs bark a lot?

Auggie dogs might bark a lot because they are always alert to their surroundings. They do this to make sure that you know when something has gone wrong.

How much does an Auggie puppy cost?

It costs between $600-$800 USD

How big do Auggie dog get?

About 18 to 23 inches

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